Team contract

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Meeting Minutes

8/31/18 - We started the meeting with all team members present. The team crafted the Team Contract, which can be accessed anytime from our website.

9/7/18 - All team members are present today. Today we worked on finishing uploading the content of Lab 1 to the website. Hadi focused on uploading the code blocks, Yanrui worked on embedding the videos of the robot from his Youtube page, Ian uploaded the content of the sonic guidance system he implemented last week, and Alberto uploaded the content for the assembly process. We agreed to start working on line-following and FFT libraries during next lab session.

9/14/18 - The meeting started with all black hat cats present. Today we worked in creating the report for Milestone 1. We realized our figure 8 procedure had room for improvement, so we decided to go to the lab later in the day to implement some changes. Ian proposed to use omni-wheels to navigate the maze without having to turn, thus giving us the chance to build a faster robot; we decided to create a prototype while having a working robot with regular wheels, taking costs into account.

9/21/18 - Meeting today began with the sad news that our own Yanrui Wang was dropping the class. Since Ian had an emergency, Hadi and Alberto held a minute of silence, and then back to work! We agreed that today we would work on documentation of the filtering process for the signals detected by the IR sensor, destined to avoid other robots in the maze. We also decided to test the efficiency of our robot avoidance system with other teams during the next lab session, and the possibility of including an amplifier. This past wednesday we tried the sensor by holding the 6kHz emitter almost orthogonal to it, but didn’t try angles at which the IR hat will most likely be mounted the day of the competition.

9/28/18 - Today’s meeting began with only Ian and Alberto present. Hadi had to go out of town for the weekend for personal reasons, but we are an understanding group of fellas and won’t put him in the Hall of Shame. We reviewed the work we had done during the past two weeks, and realized Lab 2 is almost done. We need to if the filtering of the 18kHz decoy signal works correctly when we increase the strength of the IR signal.

10/5/18 - We started the meeting without Ian today. He is so going on the Hall of Shame. We reviewed the Lab 2 report, which was uploaded to the website last Wednesday, and everything looked fine. We discussed which classes we’re taking next semester, and talked about Hadi’s accomplishment: he completed an IRONMAN, so, productive team bonding session. Hey! No judging! We did our work ahead of time, we deserve a break. See y’all next week. Robot is 37.2% awesomer than last week.

10/12/18 - Did we meet this week? Hmmm...

10/19/18 - We started the meeting with all members present. We discussed the fire that’s currently burning under our asses, e.g. the lab that’s due this Sunday. We decided to go to the lab later today to work on it. #Pray4team13.

10/26/18 - We started the meeting with all members present, so no Hall of Shame for anyone. We’re on a roll! We took 5 minutes to pat each other in the back because we finished Lab 3 in time =). Today, we discussed our progress for Lab 4, and worked a little bit on it, but ultimately decided to work out the rest of it during next Wednesday’s lab session. Way to go, team!

11/2/18 - We started the meeting with all team members present. Decided to complete lab during next lab session.

11/9/18 - The team convened with all team members present, and in crisis mode. The decision to leave the work for the lab session proved very poor. Now we need to finish lab 4 and milestone 3 by tonight, but Hadi did some networking, and got us some good, academic integrity compliant deals.